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What U Tweet: 5 Steps To A Better Personal Brand

If you take a look at the top 10 Twitter users you’ll see a list of famous men and women, from Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez, who have used the popular platform to… Continue reading

5 Common Mistakes Women Make Verbally That Scare Men Off

It’s common knowledge that our non-verbal communication says a whole lot more than our verbal. But when you stay sitting pretty, have trouble sustaining a relationship, a look at the way you are… Continue reading

Black woman sues and WINS 2.5 billion for copyright infringement suit of movie Matrix and Terminator

‘Did you know that the Matrix and Terminator were written by a young black woman: Sophia Stewart who was STOLEN from by white men- with better connections in the industry? Are we surprised!!!? This… Continue reading

Nobel Peace Prize Winner: New Media Empowers Women

In the opening moments of Pray the Devil Back to Hell, the second part of Abigail Disney’s PBS series Women, War & Peace, peace activist and social worker Leymah Gbowee breaks down the impact the… Continue reading