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Rihanna for Vita Coco Coconut Water Ad Campaign 2012

Rihanna for Vita Coco Coconut Water Ad Campaign 2012 Rihanna is proof that coconut water does a body good! In her new ad campaign for Vita Coco, which was shot by famed photographer… Continue reading

Rihanna keeps Vogue editor Anna Wintour waiting while her nails were painted

Kim kardashian may be dating megastar Kanye West, but that doesn’t mean she was welcome among the A-listers at last night’s Met Gala. In fact, she was expressly forbidden to attend by Queen Anna… Continue reading

Beyonce rihanna and more dazzling at Met Gala in NYC 2012

[FA_Lite id=”5732″] Beyonce certainly turned heads with THAT va va voom type of dress.

Rihanna at Battlefield world premiere in Tokyo

PHOTOS: Rihanna still out with her new back to back but this time Rihanna added a Chinese blue pyjama look to attend her at Battlefield world premiere in Tokyo. Here is the picture from the event.

Rihanna back to black hair to promote Battlefield in Tokyo

PHOTOS: Rihanna change her her yet again this week, going from platium Blond which was widely criticized. Rihanna has gone back to black hair to promote Battlefield in Tokyo.

Rihanna topless yet again, with new black hairstyle

PHOTOS: Here she does it again, Rihanna topless . She has tweeted pictures of herself. They actually are really nice photos, this time. Check Out Rihanna topless photos.

Rihanna Promoting her movie Battleship in London

FASHION: Rihanna promoting her new movie Battleship in london March 2012

Celebrity women we love to hate or and hate to love

Celebrity women we love to hate, Amber Rose, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna. Those Celebrity women fall in that category, But we love them anyway or we just hate to love them?

Chris Brown and Rihanna Kissing at the 2012 Grammys

We gone through a roller coaster of emotion this month.  From Beyonce giving birth, to Rihanna sudden not so hot platinum blond hair change, then Beyonce show the world exclusive pictures of her adorable baby girl Ivy… Continue reading