Victoria Beckham for Harper's Bazaar magazine China May 2012

WOW we are seriously loving this front Cover and fashion spread of Victoria Beckham in Harper’s Bazaar magazine China May 2012. Check put the photos.


Nyasha Matonhodze for VOGUE UK May 2012

PHOTO: Model Nyasha Matonhodze made front cover of VOGUE UK for May 2012.
Nyasha Matonhodze who also appeared in ALLURE Magazine for the March 2012 issue, photographed by Marion Testino. By photographed by genius Mario Testino is like a dream come true, and them making the cover of VOGUE magazine tops it all. Well done to beautiful Model Nyasha Matonhodze.

Rihanna made the front cover for ELLE Magazine May 2012

FASHION PHOTO : Rihanna made the front cover for Elle Magazine May 2012. Rihanna the Barbadian beauty opens up about finding love, having children, and how the incident with Chris Brown was her “liberation”

Male Fashion Spring summer street look 2012

Male Fashion

Rihanna at Battlefield world premiere in Tokyo

PHOTOS: Rihanna still out with her new back to back but this time Rihanna added a Chinese blue pyjama look to attend her at Battlefield world premiere in Tokyo. Here is the picture from the event.

Rihanna back to black hair to promote Battlefield in Tokyo

PHOTOS: Rihanna change her her yet again this week, going from platium Blond which was widely criticized. Rihanna has gone back to black hair to promote Battlefield in Tokyo.

Cassie for Clam Magazine Spring 2012

Cassie makes the cover and fashion spread for Clam Magazine Spring 2012.
Cassie who is on and off with mystery relationship with P Diddy

Protest for Trayvon Martin at the US Embassy London

Today i left glamour at home, an join hundred people demonstrated outside US embassy in London over the 17-year-old’s death, to show solidarity we protestedd about our common disgust of the fatal unjustice to Trayvon Martin. Like Barak Obama was saying ” Trayvon Martin could of been my son!”.

Rihanna topless yet again, with new black hairstyle

PHOTOS: Here she does it again, Rihanna topless . She has tweeted pictures of herself. They actually are really nice photos, this time. Check Out Rihanna topless photos.