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When I first met my other half, he always wondered why number 1, I didn’t wear jeans and why number 2, I didn’t wear trainers, vans or anything in the ‘sneaker’ section. I guess I just didn’t see the attraction with trainers. I have very flat feet so I avoid flats quite a lot. Then one day, on a haul at McArthur Glen in Chester in 2010, I found myself buying a pair of vans. Up to now, I haven’t worn them :/ . Yes guys and dolls. 2 years later, they are still sitting in my wardrobe. They are not flattering at all in my opinion. I used to tell him that if they had a heel on them then I would probably wear them. It would have been good to do my research for some sort of business op because I love the way trainers look on women, but there’s something not quite right. Well, imagine my shock / excitement/ heart beat skips I felt when I saw Marc Jacobs new shoe collection which features  the Marc by Marc Jacobs Calf  Dorada Sneaker Wedge, with a price tag of £209/ $320

and the Lamb and Calf alternative by Isabel Marant at £385/ $590. I couldn’t believe it! The wedged section adds the zing that I thought trainers lacked.

Isabel Marant Wedge Sneakers 2012

Rihanna wearing Isabel Marant Wedge black Sneakers 2012

Rihanna wearing Isabel Marant Wedge black Sneakers 2012

It gives the legs an elongated look, so your legs still look great whilst allowing you to keep that casual just thrown on some shoes look. The great thing is that the trainer look has been kept and it’s not too obvious that the back is a wedge. Naturally, I ordered a pair today; however these don’t come with the Marc Jacobs or Marant price tag. I figured I would see how they look and feel first and then maybe add the Dorada to a wishlist. Try before you buy! Have you tried the heelless shoes?! Some wise person I know ( ME!) ordered a pair online and they were, interesting to say the least. Again, another pair that just sit in my wardrobe. I find a lot of times that the price tag of designer wear is that for a reason. Unless you have been blessed with the glorious gift of style, creating any of the finished looks on page 55 of July’s Elle on a Primark budget would be near impossible. My point is, I saw a young woman at a train station wearing a pair of sneaker wedges. They were new, I could see the label underneath was quite pristine yet, the sides of the shoes appeared like she had worn them for about a week straight. Hence why I thought to buy the cheaper pair for the sake of seeing how they look on first. They are very popular at the moment, with plenty of hard-core fashionistas donning them around the globe. Even if it’s not what you fancy, still try them. You never know. After you try them you may just want to buy  😀 with a pair of  skinny jeans, a vest top and a leather biker jacket and ray bans, you really will not go wrong.