Rihanna topless yet again, with new black hairstyle

PHOTOS: Here she does it again, Rihanna topless . She has tweeted pictures of herself.  They actually are really nice photos, this time. Check Out Rihanna topless photos.

Rihanna topless:  recently nominated of the 20 most attractive women around, posted via her Twitter account on Thursday a picture of herself topless. I must admit the woman knows how to market herself…she does it very well…even better than Madonna used to do!

Remember when Rihanna gone topless in England during the Filming of her “We find Love” video. I guess Rihanna being topless is about, living her life has she wishes, and could care less about haters and does who are still chocked by her doing.

Who is rihanna lately 

Rihanna topless :  explained her transformation to her Twitter followers, saying she was missing her short, dark, and shaved cut, but wasn’t ready to lose any length. She tweeted a photo of one of her old ‘dos, with the caption:

“I was missin she, but I aint [sic] ready to chop ha.”

Nobody knows if there’s a hidden meaning to this pictures.

Rihanna topless  again, with new black hairstyle

Rihanna topless  again, with new black hairstyle

Rihanna topless  again, with new black hairstyle

Topless rihanna man down, with those photos and the new black hairstyle. Maybe its about rihanna getting some  attention from ex boyfriend Chris Brown, who knows. rihanna love to change hairstyle,  and she does look good in all of them. Find out More; about Rihanna on her recent cover in VOGUE Magazine, Rihanna talks about Chris Brow, babies… MORE