Celebrity women we love to hate or and hate to love

Women you love to hate, And women you hate to love. For most of us, Beyoncé, Amber RoseRihanna, Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian fall into one of these categories with no in-between…

women we love to hate

While I won’t put these women into any of these groups for you, because I know the stans rep hard for their girls—let’s look at how each of these women push our buttons in both good and bad ways.


women we love to hate Beyonce


women we love to hate

[one-half last=no]Mrs Always Happy, Always Smiling, gets on our nerve. We want to see some realness, give us some drama. LOL. If you didn’t know there was a step above perfection, now you do. At least that’s how it seems when it comes to Beyoncé. She transcends genders,  art forms, singer, dancer, songwriter, actress, clothing designer, you name it she does it, and she does it Well. Better than best,Mis thing has now tittle herself  King B. I mean wow, this is the top of the top. would anyone really stop buying her albums if her baby bump was fake? Then she had the nerve to marry hip hop’s biggest cash king, Jay Z, and actually get pregnantby 30 like she always said she would, and have a husband bursting at the seams with excitement all while she dances on stage in 6-inch heels. Is there anything she can’t do? Probably not.[/one-half] [one-half last=yes]And even though you want to hate her for it, you can’t, because she’s just that good—and that’s what makes her so damn annoying, and just as equally loveable.

The woman has a hustle you can’t knock, no matter how hard you try, and the results to back up every minute she puts into what she does. Beyoncé’s dad may have set the stage for her solo career, but Bey earned every ounce of her success by the work she put into it. She’ll keep pushing the envelope, and consequently our buttons, with everything she does because she’s just. that. hot.

Did any of you seen Beyonce’s performance ‘Run the world’ at the Billboard Award? If you haven’t, then its  must. Beyonce really set herself apart at the top of all best black female entertainer on this one.

WATCH THE VIDEO  ‘Run the World’ Billboard performance —>



women we love to hate Amber Rose

Amber Rose

women we love to hate[one-half last=no]

Deep down, something tells me Amber Rose is one of the sweetest girls in the world with one of the sickest bodies on the planet. And for some reason, we just don’t know what to do with that combination. Everyone keeps calling her a gardening tool, but does anyone actually know of any celebrity men she’s dated besides Kanye and Wiz? Two men in four years? We might all be you-know-what’s if we’re going by that rule.

It doesn’t help that whenever we see Amber, there’s some T and a whole lot of A going on, but what would you do with that body? As one friend recently put it, “If I had her figure, I’d find a reason to put on spandex just ‘cuz too.” Plus, until she recently exposed Kim Kardashian for the “homewrecker” that she might be, Amber wasn’t the type of girl who brought the drama. She’s cool and seemingly down to earth with insanely good looks and sometimes that’s just too much for the public to handle.

The only issue that comes up with Amber is the need for her to stay in her lane. She says she’s channeling her inner Beyoncé while working on a studio album, but honey let’s be clear: Nobody can be Beyoncé—for all the reasons mentioned on the previous page. Amber’s a gorgeous woman who excels at modeling, and that’s what she needs to stick to. There are plenty of ways to stake out a long career in that industry behind the scenes when she’s sick of posing in thongs in front of the camera, and that’s exactly what she needs to do. Nobody can rock a bald head and leopard print leggings like Amber Rose, and for that reason she is in a league of her own.


women we love to hate Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

women we love to hate
Kim is into a lot of things. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. What makes it so bad for Kim is that she is constantly shoved down our throats. Like, we don’t even get a 10-second breather before she’s launching a new line of this, hosting a party here, premiering a reality show there, getting married, getting divorced, endorsing sketchers and starting a clothing line. I mean, where does it end? On top of that, it’s hard to respect her hustle because it doesn’t appear she’s hustling at all. Things just seem to fall into her lap—probably because her mother, Kris, puts it there.

The problem is every time you think you could eventually like the girl, she does something ridiculous, like get divorced after 72 days or supposedly ruin someone else’s relationship or earn $600k just for hosting a New Year’s Eve party. I mean what is that? And let’s not forget where this all began: a sex tape. It’s kind of hard to have a leg of credibility to stand on when you rose to fame for lying on your back. If Kim would’ve stuck to being a stylist and took on all of these other opportunities, the haters might not have so much hate for her, but the woman essentially gets money to show up and be pretty. And while a lot of us might say we’d love to do that, at the end of the day, we just don’t have much respect for it.

What we do have to respect about Kim, though, is her sense of style. No one can tell that girl she doesn’t know how to dress that killer body of hers, so while she makes us turn up our nose in some ways, her fashion sense definitely turns heads.


women we love to hate Rihanna


women we love to hate
There’s a fine line between sexy and raunchy, and if you ask most people, RihRih hasn’t figured out that distinction just yet. Her sex is constantly in our face, from crotch-grabbing, to grinding on women, to booty shorts and fishnets. It’s a lot. But what people forget about Rihanna is that she’s 23 years old.

What it boils down to with the Bajan beauty is that she’s young, rich, international, she has a banging body and she enjoys the company of men. It may look a bit suspect to bounce so quickly from lover to lover, but a lot of women go through a wild phase. Rihanna just happens to be doing it in front of the entire world and 11 million twitter fans waiting to feel her wrath when she shuts them down for coming at her sideways in 140 characters or less. The girl’s got a mouth on her but she’s also the subject of a lot of scrutiny. Rihanna has repeatedly told the press that she’s nobody’s role model and she doesn’t want to be. It’s time to give the girl a break and let her do her because with every hot single she drops, we love her more and more.

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women we love to hate Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

women we love to hate

Not only she looks like a goddess she is married to what use to be the most sexy man in Hollywood.  She manage to snatch Brad Pitt while still married to Jennifer Aniston which everybody love. Talking of homewrecker, here is what appear THE real one. it was easy to love to hate Angelina Jolie when she was going through her dark, drugish, tattoo, bad chick days.

Now she just push our button’s by being this role model mother of twins,  chinese, african and brad’s children. Talented Oscar winner actress, She is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations. Going from country to country to help the less fortunate. Angelina went from super bad to the most admirable women in the world. Despite have the beauty and lip all women crave for, she’s not scare of getting her hands dirty unlike some other “homewrecker”. ( Amber Rose you know who im talking about doll ! )