Tyra Banks Harvard graduated at the Business School



Top model graduate… Tyra Banks and her Harvard Business School Owner/President Management Program Diploma.

Tyra Banks who is already a successful TV mega-franchise America’s Next Top Model. This time, Tyra is getting her Jay-Z style mogul on; she has graduated from business school. Chris Webber would be so proud.
America’s Next Top Model host/creator Tyra Banks is officially a graduate of Harvard Business School.

well done Tyra. its amazing to see that despite her established success and wealth, she still acknowledge that her academic education is just as important. This is great Inspiration !!!! Congratulation!!

It is highly inspiring for all of us. Tyra showed us there is no age limit or circumstance for anyone not to consider brushing in our education.

Tyra Banks Harvard graduated


Tyra Banks Harvard graduated from business school

She posted this pic on twitter @TyraBanks

Yes, Not all supermodels are dumb! One of the greatest women to ever walk a runway, walked across the stage after graduating from Harvard Business School! The mogul tweeted “Smiling ear2ear on the Harvard Business School campus w/ my diploma!  Here to break the stereotype, I happened to personally know another famous top model who is graduated from prestigious school in England, while working the runway.

Tyra Banks graduated from Harvard business school
 Tyra Banks officially has brains to match her beauty.