Singer Whitney Houston found dead in hotel room

Prayers for her young daughter & loved ones. We will always love you Whitney… The Legendary singer Whitney Houston was found dead today at 3:55pm at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California. These reports are coming from TMZ. Supposedly security contacted 911, but she was unresponsive. Paramedics tried to perform CPR on the icon according to reports but it did not work.

[highlighter color=”black” ]There has been no official release on what the cause of death was. Everyone is guessing drug related issues.[/highlighter]

 REPORTS : Singer RAY J is the person who FOUND Whitney Houston DEAD in the hotel room.

Whitney Houston and Kelly Price 2 nights ago...

Whitney Houston and Kelly Price 2 nights ago…

Whitney was last seen 3days ago performing at a Pre-Grammy Party with R&B Singer Kelly Price singing “Jesus loves me.” Take a look at Whitneys final performance:

Whitney Houston is an icon and now becomes a legend so young at 48 years old. It breaks my heart! I’ve been reading reports from news sites and bloggers recently making fun of Whitneys recent appearance, voice, and life but all of sudden they are all posting tears and how saddened they are by her death.

Oprah Winfrey and Whitney Houston

Oprah Winfrey and Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina

Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina

Its sad they are such hypocrites, days ago they made fun of her and her struggle, kicked her while she was down. Now today, they praise her and call her a legend! Why not show her the love and respect while she was still alive? Why not praise her and hope for recovery and a better life for her.

May The Queen Whitney Houston rest in peace! I love you, and you will always hold a special place in my heart!

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Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic