Black woman sues and WINS 2.5 billion for copyright infringement suit of movie Matrix and Terminator

‘Did you know that the Matrix and Terminator were written by a young black woman: Sophia Stewart who was STOLEN from by white men- with better connections in the industry? Are we surprised!!!? This happens all the time to BLACK people it has even happened to me, and I am currently in the process of speaking with lawyers.’ personally didn’t know. They obviously did not want to make it to public or what?!!

This is what we mean when we say ‘thieves’ and that parts of black heritage and culture has also been stolen, and rewritten. Its been going since the beginning of Eurocentrism. But some of you on here have the audacity to talk about “afro-centrist” as being liars-or-blacks as being ‘inferior’ in intelligence- yet, how many ideas and inventions of all sorts have been stolen and used?


Here Sophia Stewart

What’s the truth about Sophia Stewart’s case?

As explained at, the rumor that she won started after a college student made a huge error in a story for her college newspaper.

    A less than accurate newspaper article about Stewart and her case caused many to believe the woman claiming authorship had won her copyright infringement suit and was about to receive a multi-billion dollar settlement. This 28 October 2004 article, penned by a second-year communications student for the

Salt Lake Community College Globe

    , erred in mistaking Stewart’s 4 October 2004 successful counter to a dismissal motion for her having prevailed in her suit. The article asserted Stewart “will recover damages from the films, The

Matrix I, II



    as well as The Terminator and its sequels” and would “soon receive one of the biggest payoffs in the history of Hollywood.” What Stewart had won was the right to proceed with her case, but nothing more.

The Globe subsequently posted the following correction:

In reference to the recent article entitled “Mother of the Matrix Victorious,” some information has been deemed misleading. Ms. Sophia Stewart has not yet won her case against Joel Silver, Time Warner and the Wachowski Bros. The decision on October 4th enabled Ms. Stewart to proceed with her case, as all attempts to have it dismissed were unsuccessful. Ms. Stewart’s case will proceed through the Central District Court of California.
The Globe Staff

In November 2009, some web-based news sites erroneously republished outdated (and inaccurate) articles from 2004 claiming that Sophia Stewart had won her case.

As said at the beginning of this article, when she later had her day in court, Stewart was absent. Read the full story’s debunking at

The African-American Books Examiner leaves room for a shadow of doubt in Stewart’s favor, but as a writer herself who knows the challenges writers face, she would tell Stewart if you get knocked down, stop dwelling on what could have been. Stand up, move forward, keep writing. Show the world you have more in you than what you think you’ve lost.


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Welcome To The Original Blogg of The Divine Oracle Sophia Stewart

‘I’ll be blogging here to show you all some of the hidden meanings of the Matrix, which has nothing to do with doctrine of any religious organization. The matrix has symbolic and hidden messages that come directly from the scriptures of Yah(Iam That Iam).And from here we must all pay attention to the recent events and failures of the agents system as we as the children of Zion and of this universe has witness and the worst is yet to come,as we witness that “The eighth pleads for final deliverance from all evil” and The ninth sums up the divine glory , while The tenth completes the eternal cycles.So within the next 2yrs by 2010 you and I shall see an unfolding of the truth which set us all free from deceit and bondage.
This is where our Fatih in YAH WILL BE OUR GREATEST HOPE