LOL Lots of love vs Laughing Out Loud

Here some picture we find around the web that made us think LOL have fun watching. To be honest for a long time,like many people i used LOL thinking it meant Lot Of Love, bizarrely even tho i actually know he actual meaning , i still like to think of  it as Lots of love. lets face it when anyone post LOL are they really laughing OUT so Loud!? NO Really they  should of use

MMS as in Made Me Smile!

Lots Of Love v Laugh Out Loud


You decide !

Fashion Fall Gharani Strok Spring Collection

Runway Falls Fashion Show. OUCH !

Kayne West dressed as Michael Jackson

Drakemaking a lovely drawing to his Little fan

kourtney-Kardasian-getting -her- weave-on

kourtney Kardasian getting her weave on

Rihanna taking the tube in London

Yes indeed I love being BLACK ! LOL

The perfect accessory. just kidding, lol sooo cute

Usher playing scared !

Drake O Minaj

Lady gaga scarying little people, Lady monster

OK that’s to much

Kayne you such a joker !

Lil Way and mini Minaj !

Talking of Pride, wow 8-o


So cute !

Oh dear Linsay

Viva la Minaj for MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam 2011

Cant help but ti think, does Ricky uses le Mac lip gloss too!?

i Think i see Mike Tyson ?!


I can change the world


The Incredibles! Oh Dear Mariah

La Mona Snooky

Beyonce Competition in the air ! hummm

Haven’t heard Rihanna, i am King B

Trey SongzLil WayneChris Brown – Wiz Kahlifa – Lil Bow wow.Tattoo fever

Yep you go Britney ! Queen of Poop


Gaga for lilo

Beyonce Lost in the crownd?

Amber Rose Wiz Kahlifa, can anyone see the weight gap ?

OK this a bit too many dots here, LOL Who wore it best.

Answer: No one!!!