jay z and his mother in-new york hosting of “making the ordinary extraordinary”

Jay-Z and his mom Gloria Carter hosted an evening of “Making The Ordinary Extraordinary”In New York city. The foundation is run by Jay’z mom Mrs. Carter and they have assisted more than 750 students and awarded scholarships totaling in excess of $1.1 million.



Last night, the Shawn Carter Foundation hosted an evening of “Making The Ordinary Extraordinary” with GREY GOOSE Vodka.  The carnival-themed event was a feast for the senses complete with cotton candy, sliders, fire batons, stilt walkers, and GREY GOOSE Trapeze cocktails!

Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter played host to more than 300 guests on NYC’s Pier 54 the entire evening, competing with the crowds at carnival games with wifeBeyonce at his side, who was radiant in a flowy top that just barely revealed her baby bump.

It was a family affair with mom Gloria also in attendance, having helped to raise an impressive $1,033,000 for the Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarship Fund.  It was a lighthearted and intimate evening; when calling raffle prizes for the thinned out crowd at the end of the night Jay-Z announced over the mic, “Hey B, your funnel cake is here” – Beyonce couldn’t have looked happier with the simple indulgence.

After several failed attempts at locating the grand prize winner, Jay-Z joked with the crowd that the GREY GOOSE had clearly done its job, but people needed to “get it together and read their numbers right” so he could give away a car!