Topless Rihanna got asked to pack up and leave during new video shoot

Miss Riri has a reputation for having some of the runchiest video, sometime border line pornish. Rihanna was filming for her new single “We Found Love”. Well this time someone was not having it. Pushing someone’s buttons a bit to far. Christian farmer from irland ask for Rihanna and her crew to get out of is land. While filming her new the farmer who owned the land pulled up in a tractor and told her to cover up and clear off.

Indeed ‘Good girl gone Bad’ Rihanna was litterally topless and careless enjoying the  muddy barley field, in Northern Ireland early Monday. Christian Alan Graham, 61, said: “I realised things had got to a stage which were not acceptable to me, so I asked the film crew to stop.

Mr A.Graham did not know off Rihanna before the incident says, “I had a conversation with Rihanna. I hope she understands where I’m coming from. We shook hands.” Bring it onRiri we cant wait to watch it.


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