Lil wayne Birthday 27th Sept 2011

Today is the 29th birthday of Young Money boss and superstar performer Lil Wayne – capping one of the most successful years of his long and still growing rap music career. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, Little Thung !!


Drake Challenges Lil Wayne To A “Sound Clash”

An album release is a definite cause for celebration–but while some prefer to indulge in expensive champagne over loud music, Drake has something else in mind.

In an interview with Billboard, the Young Money prodigy revealed that he wants to go head to head with his label’s head honcho, Lil Wayne.
“I don’t want to just do an album release concert.



Lil Wayne Is Being Sued By Blue Marley

Local hip-hop artist Blue Marley and Done Deal Enterprises are involved in what could be the biggest copy write infringement Lawsuits the music industry has ever seen over Lil Wayne and Young Money’s smash hit “Bedrock.” DDE filed suit against Young Money, Cash Money, Universal Music, and Lil Wayne on July 29th.


Lil Wayne And Young Money Launching Prepaid Discover Cards.

“We’re excited about giving people who may not have access to traditional banking accounts the convenience of plastic,” said Madison in a statement.
” Wayne wants to keep it simple and sleek, but load it with benefits that are meaningful to Young Money cardholders.”