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Do you dreams of a better tomorrow without comprising your integrity and self-worth. encouraging positive, life-changing advices .


This Site has been created by an self confess Seduction and happiness obsessed, it is all about providing elaborate, broad contents to cover those two very exciting subjects.

  • Inner spiritual Happiness
  • Relationship Happiness / Advices
  • Fashion trend Happiness
  • Beauty and make up that make you look Happy
  • Online post stories of real life Happiness
  • Eventual happy News around the world
  • Happy people network
  • Happy home colours charts
  • Health and Well-being / Body and Soul
  • Happy Shop / Happy products


Enjoy this website and share it to all Ladies and young women around the world. It has been made from love.
Enlightening and empower the multicultural Women of all shade of Colour.

If you seek specific cosmetics, hair, skincare, dating advice, wardrobe ideas and inspirations. You will find: Beauty,hair, make up product reviews. Style reports. Interviews with inspiring women. Optimistic dating advice. Informing, Inspiring, and Uplifting Women of Colour

Whether your ethnicity and skin care needs are related to your Asian skin care, Latina skin care, African American skin care, Black skin care, or Indian skin care, this site is meant for you.

No matter your skin shade, you have an etiquette beauty, a voice and character. If you think you could do with a little help, this website is for you. We want to know your thought, so please do comment, ask us questions.

  • what get under your skin,
  • what you love,
  • what you cannot live without,
  • your battles,
  • your victories …
  • What colours looks good on you ,
  • what foundation should you use?”
  • Bring on your Flavour.



Glamorous, friendly, fabulous and fun.

Born in the Caribbean, raised in Paris, move to London. Travel the world in the process. Sandy Paris is a Cosmopolitan citizen of the world and fabulousness. Her number One Passion: Studied and worked in Fashion for more than 15 years. Obsess with Beauty, make up and happiness. She is here to Let you know, how interesting, important, unique and beautiful you are. Working on changing the image of Black women in the media, fashion, and socially. Email me at: shelicious@email.com

As part purpose this website want to celebrate the good news of what’s happening in the world, as we often get bombarded with what’s wrong around. We want to know about what’s GOOD lately, what’s funny, and what’s really interesting. The happy news. What style of fashion works well for you, what’s make you look god positive and strong. We want to talk about that. We’ll help you achieve your desired look.

We would like to entertain, and inspire our community.

Sit back and Enjoy! xxx